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Digital number plates to be tested next month

30th April 2018

Next month, road users in Dubai may notice some odd looking license plates attached to select cars as a new wave digital number plates will enter the market for the first time. These intriguing, smart plates will feature a digital display, transmitters and GPS.

The digitalised plates will be connected to a motorist's user account which allows drivers to pay for parking, fines and registration renewal. The new plates will also relay real-time information regarding traffic and accidents to other motorists. It will also be able to communicate with emergency services in case of an accident.

As of writing, it is unknown how much these digital number plates will cost, but they should be announced after the trial has concluded this November.

How does one apply for digital number plates?

We'd love to give you an answer about that one. However, as of writing, there is no word on the availability of these futuristic plates for the general public. It's most likely; they will be distributed internally.

Last month, Dubai Police discussed a problem regarding licence plate thefts as reports have surfaced that number plates are being stolen at an 'alarming' rate. The new wave of plates will tackle this issue as they will be able to display a visible alert in case of theft.

How all of this will affect the desirable number plate market remains unknown as you may have noticed, UAE residents take great pride regarding their 'unique' plates.

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Note: digital number plate not shown

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